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Modern Intervention

Apr 11, 2011
Stratz Residence

Why is the Stratz Residence such an important milestone in the sustainable growth of Phoenix?  Heather and Mark Stratz are exceptional people that have a no compromise, straight forward, approach to living life. The home renovation that we have designed for them identifies with the ideas of the early twentieth century avant-garde movements which embarked on the systematic dismantling of tradition.

This modern intervention in the Sonoran Desert is a case study in rethinking a traditional floor plan and reorganizing around the openness of the central courtyard. Our approach was to “recycle” as much of the existing home by refinishing the existing concrete floors, maintaining the original roof line, and accentuating the floor plan towards the eastern views of Camelback Mountain.

The new design will feature a healthy environment filled with natural daylight, timeless materials of zinc metal siding for the exterior, insulated glass, modern sustainable finishes, appliances and fixtures will be incorporated to develop a simple way of living, and enjoying life.

The Stratz Residence is similar in approach to our Desert House Residence. Applying an open design strategy with flexibility, starts the given circumstances and a reverence for the natural environment with a powerful modern aesthetic.

The design of Desert House, a 5,000 square foot remodel of a 20 year old residence, also kept “recycling” in mind. The concrete and stucco structure of the original house remains in tact minimizing material required to be sent to the landfill.  A large percentage of the construction and building materials are high recycled content such as the glass, zinc siding, and concrete flooring.

Desert House – After

Desert House – Before

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