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The Essentials

Jul 29, 2011

The power of innovative design.

Beautiful statements, thoughtfully incorporated. Enjoy our digital portfolio.


Inside the Approval

Jul 06, 2011

A recent presentation by our design leader, Peter M. Koliopoulos AIA, to the City of Scottsdale regarding a new bold plan and design for a cultural heritage center in and about the American West that will entertain, educate, inspire, and celebrate. The design concept is centered on Western art, culture, history, and the Sonoran Desert.

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The cultural heritage center aspires to serve as a gateway to engage its visitors in the ever-evolving narrative of the region, inviting them to discover in themselves the qualities that shaped this special region of the country’s courage, audacity, creativity, resilience, and integrity. The cultural heritage center plan and architecture will authentically express a beautiful “weaving” of spaces, landscape, architecture, and materials that are rooted in the American West.

The basic goals of the design concept are: To promote a physical environment that reflects and contributes to the American West, To develop and leverage access and connectivity to the McDowell Mountains and surrounding neighbors, and To deepen the understanding of the specific visual and aesthetic characteristics of the transformations of the American West.