Circle West Architects

SouthBank: Urban Rediscovery

Apr 03, 2012

Serving Tempe, Arizona as a distinct vision of an open design strategy to reinforce Tempe’s Bohemian identity, the forward-thinking and inclusive plan is based on fundamental neighborhood planning principles and concepts. 30 acres of mixed-use development, the four neighborhood vision plan integrates residential, office, retail / restaurants, hospitality, and rich public / private open spaces on nine city blocks.

The vision organizes around a series of sequence of spaces and events. The mix of uses are emphasized for each neighborhood with views while embracing Tempe Town Lake. Beyond urban hallmarks of glass, concrete, steel, and modernity, we seek access to new experiences and opportunities for growth.

The landscape architecture and sustainable concepts developed by Circle West Architects focus on social spaces, places to gather, to meet, and with a strong connection to view corridors, shade, and shadow.  They take their identity as much from the surrounding architecture as from the design of the spaces themselves. The landscape and sustainable concepts develop unique visual and symbolic identities by various means, such as indigenous plant palettes, with meaningful associations.

Peter M. Koliopoulos  AIA, SouthBank’s Architect, is a major talent with significant projects throughout the United States. “SouthBank is designed with integrity to be a vital place for people to experience and be inspired.”