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Oct 08, 2013

Pomeroy Hotel: Leading The Way

Pomeroy Hotel_01

‘Net Zero’ flagship hotel as urban catalyst for ASU Campus in Tempe, Arizona.
Pomeroy Hotel_02

Circle West Architects seeks to establish an architectural benchmark of innovative design at one of Arizona’s most unique urban opportunities. A forward-thinking approach to planning, programming, and architectural expression is envisioned for the Pomeroy Hotel and Conference Center. The design will serve as a catalyst of sustainability incorporating a ‘net zero’ energy environment.

Pomeroy Hotel_Plan

Great care has been taken to utilize renewable and recyclable materials. The basis of the design is to set a clear identity of purposeful architectural forms appropriately addressing solar orientation, maximizing natural light, while incorporating a dual skin curtain wall concept of insulated, low e glass, along with a secondary skin of perforated metal panels.

Pomeroy Hotel_03

The new hotel and conference center is an urban vision-planning project, which is programmed to achieve a ‘net zero’ environment. The hotel, rising 20 stories with a roof deck pool and amenities, sets out for a modern expression.

The modern building forms and undulating solar sail seek to harness the earth’s energies to provide sustainable cooling and lighting methods for this eco-friendly design concept. To enhance the comfort, key design elements will include dual facades, to supply sufficient natural daylight to the interiors; highly efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be installed; green plants and open space utilising the solar sail will improve local microclimate.

Each floor on the south and north elevation are cantilevered to allow for solar shading and balconies. East and west elevations will accommodate the architectural screening and framework, while the solar sail will shade the main entry and lobby area. The solar sail has a dual purpose of providing shade along with incorporating renewable energy technologies, which will reduce energy consumption and support a ‘net zero’ building environment.

Pomeroy Hotel_04