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Highrise in a sustainable city

Aug 17, 2015

Make a Place

The proposed design seeks to advance the City of Phoenix onto the world stage of architectural design, urban planning, and sustainable living, by a sophisticated integration of vertically mixed uses, transportation infrastructure, and urban farming. This design addresses and solves the long term planning for a self sustaining society. The forward thinking concept consists of two towers that reach over the new proposed light rail line and incorporates a transit stop that will serve as the “nucleus” of the well shaded public space at the ground floor.

The two towers each serve a specific purpose integrated together. The larger tower to the north is programmed as a “city within a city”. Public amenities such as schools, medical facilities, and public services are interconnected via “transfer” floors that link with the various program. The tower to the south serves a “multi-functional greenhouse”. Maximizing the proposed 14 acres of vertical urban farming utilizing hydroponics to support the residents of the vertically integrated neighborhood.

The structure consists of a continuous high strength concrete core with walls varying in thickness. The perimeter is an “organic grid” of composite steel and concrete diagonal members organized in primary, secondary, and tertiary hierarchy, corresponding to their principal functions. Steel bridges connect each of the towers developing “super floors” of public amenities and outdoor spaces.

West Elevation 08 16 15
The relatively small foot print at the ground floor sets an opportunity to maximize shaded multi-use public spaces with a “solar shade” of advanced photo-voltaic system. The existing rail line will be converted to a new light rail connecting and advancing the light rail infrastructure. The transit stop will serve as a critical aspect in advancing sustainable urban living.

The innovative formal concept of the towers sets a powerful expression on the City of Phoenix skyline. The sculptural nature of the structural form appropriates an identity which is part modern and part space age. Like the young city of Phoenix it shares a strong optimism and professionalism.